No lie, I was tempted to delete this LiveJournal of mine. I haven't been on here in...2 years I think (thank you College) and I just wasn't feeling it.

However, in light of the upcoming new school semester, I have decided that my new school year resolution is to keep up with all of my social networking sites (which I suck ROYALLY at). SO that means:

-LiveJournal, of course~
-crap, I can't remember the rest OTL

...great, well I'm off to a good start, eh?

Wish me luck -___-


Feels Good

Some fresh feel good music to start off this lovely Tuesday (aka I'm swamped with work and I need some chillaxin' background music). ^________^ 

Feels Good by Geeks

This song always makes me feel good (it was aptly titled in my opinion) and it's just what I need today. actually, one of the rappers kind of sounds like G Dragon (the one who also sings the chorus) so I'd love for them to do a little duet. It would sound soooo good. :)

Three Times Taemin Failed to Impress and One Time He Succeeded

Rating: G
Pairings: love-hate frenemies!TaeKey, siblings!MinKey, 2min, ninja!Junghee/Gwiboon and mentions of JongKey and OnTae
Summary: Taemin tries and tries and tries, but Gwiboon is annoyingly stubborn.
Disclaimer: I'm a believer of everyone belonging to themselves.
Note: Written for my lovely unnie byuldeureul

Collapse ) 


 I’m stressed out. I’m sleep deprived. I’m procrastinating. I just wish time would stop for a moment because I really need to get my life back in order.

As for now, I'll just listen to calming music. See if I can lull myself to sleep and wake up purposeful.